First off, let me apologize. You’re never going to get any of this time back. It’s just gone. Yeah. Just like all that money you’ve spent on your audio system. Or are about to. Poof!

I’d like to say that Part-Time Audiophile is a premium web destination for discriminating consumers, folks with high standards and fine taste. But that’s clearly bollux. I mean, you’re still reading, aren’t you? Clearly, there’s something wrong with you.

Us too! So, welcome to the club!

What Part-Time Audiophile is

This is a “web-based magazine” (aka, an “e-zine”) dedicated to the audio’s high-end. Pretty much everything is in bounds — the gear, the people, the industry, the trends, and even the “related lifestyle verticals”. We do it all. Hope you like it.

Who we are

In short, we’re an odd collection of writers touring audio’s high-end. We come from a huge variety of backgrounds — IT, PR, sales, marketing — with some from inside “the industry” and some outside. You can read about “us” over on the Contributors page.

Who am I

I’m Batman. You can read more about me on my About Me page.

Keeping the flame alive

We’re actively recruiting sponsors. Sponsors are a little different from advertisers, as I talk a bit about on the About Me page. Short form: we’re doing things a bit different over here. If you’re interested in seeing and hearing more from us, your generous support is what makes that happen. More info is available on the Sponsors page.