Shopping Brand Names

                                 & Key Pieces for Less.

Is there ever that one item you really want but you just can’t find!?!   Well let me tell you what that is me all day.  I may have seen a trend or something popular but want that specific piece to really catch my eye or stand out.

The short rain boot trend definitely caught my eye. Along with it being very functional, it added a sort of sleekness to so many different looks.  Rain or shine these boots just made sense.  So one day while strolling through the shoe section at Meijer—yes Meijer, If you’re too bougie to shop there well then this blog post might not be for you —I was able to find these amazing staple rainboots!

Being a mom of two and having bills to pay sometimes I don’t have the money to splurge so I find great pieces that don’t break the bank.  Sometimes those great finds can be at your local grocery store.  If you feel confident in your style game and what’s on trend then don’t be afraid to venture to stores that may not be the obvious place to find that “on trend item”.

My next tip is: 


Yes you heard me if you normally wear a small or medium in adults you can usually get away with wearing a large or XL in kids.  This little tip really saved me some bucks when I was searching for the old school Adidas brand shirt.  I wondered into Journey kids and wouldn’t you know I found THE ONE!  The shirt that I had seen in my dreams but was expecting the price tag to be a little out of my budget. 

Welp!  I was wrong the shirt was on sale and I ended up walking out of the store with an additional sale and the shirt was only around $15 dollars.  So if there is a name brand item you can’t live without try checking the kids dept.  

For this look I paired the boots and the top with a the ankle Faux Wrap Skirt in heather grey from Snoga Athletics.  The jacket worn is our Vegan Moto Jacket available on our website. 

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