Our Brand

W. Vintage Vibe was created to be a brand that men, women and children can shop and maintain a vintage style aesthetic that we believe will keep you at the front of the fashion curve.

We are a collection of designers, bloggers, buyers and stylists who have a passion for timeless fashion and modesty. We believe strongly that choosing to be modest doesn’t mean you have to give up style. The “vintage” in our name comes from our acknowledgment that the timeless pieces that circulate throughout our brand will keep returning to the forefront of style. We are committed to bringing you high quality products that are at a reasonably priced.

Being different and unique is at the forefront of everything we do. Bringing our customers pieces that will start conversations, catch the eye, or just simply inspire others is something we feel strongly about. We wanted to bring a collection that allow our customers the ability to have a one stop shop for their family and at every stage of their lives.

Since our appearance at 2015 UPCI General Conference we have gained a great following of customers, brand enthusiasts, and fellow fashion lovers as friends and clients.

Camelle Watson is W. Vintage Vibe founder and creator. She wanted to be able to find fashion for her entire family in one place with the same style and cohesion and decided to create W. Vintage Vibe. She uses husband James, and two sons Maddox and Silas as her inspiration and passion behind her men and kids fashion. James Watson is also a vision behind the men’s collection and is part of the process for all the handmade products.

“When I created W. Vintage Vibe I had no idea how successful it would be. It feels so good to see how our customers believe in our Brand as much as we do.”