What’s Hot In Headphones For The Holiday Season Plus An Audiophile Abroad Pt. 2

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The holiday season is fast approaching and the personal audio market is all a-buzz with the latest CanJam meet hosted in Southern California last week. There are a ton of new products and even some tech being used in new ways on the show floor. Weather you are “just browsing” for something to spice up the home stereo, or a a die hard planar-lover looking for the perfect synergy for your vintage Audeze, the Irvine-based convention had a little for everyone.

On this week’s episode of The Occasional Podcast, the show is joined by none other than PTA Editor-In-Chief Marc Phillips as he begins his trek across the world to bring you the latest in HiFi news. His multi-country escapade starts with the launch of a new audio store on the east coast and takes him from Portugal to Switzerland to England. We will be dropping regular updates into the media as things develop, so keep and eye out for that content on our social medias and here on the site.

We also cover off on all the newest gear from Canjam, straight from the brains of those that created them. We interview multiple headphone and amp makers at the event and include the full interviews on the show along with some personal color commentary and the latest highlights and trends developing in the fast moving category of headphone high fidelity.

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The Occasional Podcast has launched into its 9th season with our educational series starting with Crossovers With Andrew Jones Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Streaming Audio5 things to consider when buying a tube amplifier and How To Reduce Noise and Hum In Your System, our Halloween Special and our interview with Steve Guttenberg and Herb Reichert from earlier this season.

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