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When it comes to podcast interviews, there are those that know interesting things, those that are just naturally entertaining and those who can properly merge these two elusive traits eloquently together into a single persona. John Devore happens to belong to the last group. This week on The Occasional Podcast, John DeVore from DeVORE FIDELITY walks a through what has happened the last few year, how things have changed, and what really still kind of remains the same in audio.

The show kicks off with some basics in terms of material choices for speaker drivers. Hard dome tweeters have long been a topic of conversation and John offers up a few interesting insights into the debate. While not something that is often debated as much as other topics, “what happened to high fidelity sound in the 80s” pops up and brings along some perhaps overlooked ideas on the subject.

John’s speakers have both reached for the fringe and followed some of the mainstream when it comes to industrial design. His two speaker lines reflect some of that and the show dives into some of the ancillary talking points that feed into that idea like color choice, wood choice, box material, cabinet width and more.

The Occasional Podcast has launched into its 9th season with our educational series starting with Crossovers With Andrew Jones Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Streaming Audio5 things to consider when buying a tube amplifier and How To Reduce Noise and Hum In Your System, and our interview with Steve Guttenberg and Herb Reichert from earlier this season.

Our last episode was our Halloween special, based around the true life crime of the terrifying HiFi Murders in Ogden UT from 1974. We also have What’s Hot In Headphones For The Upcoming Holiday Season. Plus updates from Editor-in-Chief Marc Phillips travels abroad in a series we like to call Marc Phillips…On the Road.

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