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ci series from naim

The new CI Series from Naim is here, and it’s focused primarily on integrated home systems. Here’s the press release:

A range of electronic products perfectly suited to power integrated audio setups for ultimate listening experiences

ISE (Barcelona) – February 1 – The new CI Series range from Naim consists of three products designed to complement integrated setups, and CI Focal loudspeakers. With these innovations, the leading British brand in high-end streaming and amplification is taking a unique approach that is focused on the customer and installer. This series marks a new era for Naim and Focal, as they are offering complete solutions in the Custom Integration (CI) market for the first time. They combine Naim’s core DNA with Focal’s expertise in acoustics to create a perfect audio setup. CI systems, cater for home (indoor/ outdoor), maritime, and commercial spaces.

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The CI Series range includes three new rack-mountable products:

  • CI-Uniti 102: an all-in-one streamer and amplifier – $1,499 USD | $1,949 CAD
  • CI-NAP 101: a low and high impedance mono power amplifier – $1,999 USD | $2,599 CAD
  • CI-NAP 108: an 8-channel power amplifier – $2,999 USD | $3,899 CAD

Availability: Q2 2024


The CI Series CI-Uniti 102 is a streamer/amplifier that offers both musical performance and versatility. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into any indoor or outdoor space, providing amplification for CI Focal speakers and enhancing audio from all media sources (TV, Spotify, gaming consoles, etc.). Its integrated DSP provides full system calibration, enabling it to interconnect with the CI-NAP 108 and CI-NAP 101, making it suitable for all situations. The new Focal & Naim Manager software, and Speaker Profiles, compatible with CI Focal speakers, enable you to customize the DSP fully for an optimal installation, whether in a commercial environment, at home or outdoors.

The CI-Uniti 102 is controlled by the end user via the Focal & Naim application and home automation platforms such as Crestron, Control4, RTI, Savant, and Elan.

For the integrator, the Focal & Naim Manager software allows complete configuration of each of the CI Series CI-Uniti 102’s outputs, with:

  • Speaker Profiles for each loudspeaker in the CI Focal catalogue.
  • EQs for on-the-spot calibration.
  • Crossovers for use with subwoofers.
  • A limiter to control maximum listening levels.
  • Delays for temporal alignment.
  • Configuration settings for use on a Dante network.
  • Selection of available sources for the end user.
  • Wired and wireless streaming capabilities (TIDAL, TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, Spotify, UPnP™, Internet Radio, Airplay 2, ChromeCast, Dante).
  • Versatile connectivity (HDMI, Bluetooth®, S/PDIF, analogue).
  • An ultra-silent, efficient, compact integrated power amplifier producing 150W at 8 ohms.
  • Two independent stereo RCA outputs that can be used for subwoofers or sub-zones.
  • Multiroom capability for up to 32 rooms.
  • “Trigger” outputs providing remote standby for the CI-NAP 108 and CI-NAP 101.
  • A universal 90V to 240V power supply

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The CI Series CI-NAP 108 is a rack-mountable 8-channel power amplifier. When paired with the CI-Uniti 102, it makes it possible to connect multiple speakers in different rooms or amplify eight separate audio streams, with its local inputs for each amplified channel. The CI-NAP 108 is also an ideal solution for pairing with audio-video processors to deliver a combination of sound quality and power.


  • 10 RCA inputs, including 8 local inputs and 2 L/R bus inputs.
  • 10 RCA outputs for serial connection with other amplifiers, such as the CI-101.
  • A silent, efficient, compact integrated power amplifier.
  • Two Euroblock outputs per channel for easy parallel connections between speakers.
  • Independent level control.
  • Input signal detection with automatic standby after 20 minutes.
  • A universal 90V to 240V power supply


The CI-NAP 101 is a rack-mountable mono power amplifier capable of operating in low or high-impedance mode. Along with the CI-Uniti 102, it is specifically intended for use with subwoofers or speakers on a 70/100V line while maintaining exceptional audio quality. With the ability to operate at an output load of 2ohms, it is the perfect solution for amplifying 1000 IWLCR Utopia speakers, accompanied by two 1000 IWSUB Utopia subwoofers from Focal. Additionally, it can be paired with an audio-video processor to combine sound quality and power.


  • Stereo RCA inputs and stereo RCA outputs for serial connection.
  • An ultra-silent, efficient, compact power amplifier capable of driving the most demanding loudspeakers.
  • A perfect product for powering a Focal 1000 Series system with 1×1000 IWLCR Utopia and 2×1000 IWSUB Utopia.
  • Two Euroblock outputs for easy parallel connections between speakers
  • Amplification for low-impedance loudspeakers and 70V/100V line loudspeakers with selectable high-pass crossover.
  • Level control.
  • Input signal detection with automatic standby after 20 minutes.
  • A universal 90V to 240V power supply.

For more information, visit here.

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