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innuos 2.6

Several members of the PTA team own and use Innuos products, and with this new software update–Innuos 2.6–we’ll have more features than ever before. Here’s the official press release for Innuos 2.6:

InnuOS 2.6 brings Deezer integration, Tidal Max support, and new NAS/USB features

Faro, Portugal
February 1, 2024

Innuos has released the latest version of its operating system, innuOS 2.6, offering an improved user experience, as well as introducing Deezer integration, Tidal Max support, new NAS/USB drive features and multi-language support (on a beta version).

This update provides users with improved navigation options, access to an even wider array of music and makes it easier to listen to music files from external sources, elevating the audio experience for music lovers and audiophiles worldwide.

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“As we progress into 2024, our new 2.6 update now marks 8 years of continued support and software updates for our customers who have devices dating back to 2016. This latest update represents a great development of accessibility and widening of potential audience, through the addition of multiple languages, expanded streaming service support, and more ways of connecting music files to cater for the different listening habits of our users. Coupled with UI and UX improvements that are directed by our Feedback Zone and customer input, 2.6 should have something for everyone.” – Stephen Healy, Innuos Product Specialist.

innuos 2.6

Key highlights of the innuOS 2.6 update include:

– New streaming services: Deezer streaming service integration and added support for TIDAL Max (for users who have Tidal HiFi Plus subscription);
– Expanded support for multiple NAS: ability to access shared folders from multiple NAS whilst improving performance through a significantly faster scanning and access;
– Playback from connected USB drives: you can now connect USB drives to Innuos PULSE network players and ZEN music servers/streamers series as well as their flagship STATEMENT music server/streamer, navigate folders and play music from connected USB drives;
– Added format support: added native support for 32bit WAV files encoded in floating point and for WAV and AIFF files with sampling rates higher than 384 kHz;
– Improvement of the Sense App User Experience: new A to Z slider, customizable Music View layout and improved User Interface for Now Playing screen;
– Multi-language support: added (beta) support for French, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

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Version 2.6 of the innuOS Operating System can be downloaded using the Innuos Sense App, which is available on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices. The Innuos Sense App is used to browse, play and manage all your music, whether stored locally or streaming. It can also be controlled through any web browser.

Read more about this update on Innuos Inn-sights blog.

innuos 2.6

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