2024’s Best Hi-Fi Accessories | Buyers Guide 2024

2024's best hifi accessories

Welcome to 2024’s Best Hi-Fi Accessories from the Part-Time Audiophile Buyers Guide for 2024.

We’re not saying that these are the “best” hi-fi accessories or that these choices somehow overrule anyone else’s favorites. We’re saying that these are the products we’ve reviewed, owned, or have had extended experience when it comes to performance and sound quality. This is the gear that we, the staff of Part-Time Audiophile, recommend.

2024’s Best Hi-Fi Accessories

2024’s best hi-fi accessories portion of our buyers guide is broken down into subcategories, such as Vinyl Accessories, Equipment Racks and Stands, Isolation Devices and Cable Lifters.

Vinyl Accessories

2024's best hi-fi

AnalogMagik All In One Cartridge Set Up Software and Test LPs V2 ($1,100 USD)

This software package from our own Richard H. Mak is all you need for accurate analog set-up for every parameter—speed, azimuth, VTA, stylus raking angle, anti-skating, phono stage loading, phono stage gain setting, vertical tracking force, determining resonance frequencies, AES wow and flutter and measuring vibrations. Two test LPs are included—one for 33rpm and one for 45rpm. Simply the most accurate way to achieve proper alignment in this modern age of analog.


Audio Intelligent Enzymatic Stylus Cleaner ($40 USD)

This enzymatic stylus cleaning formula “will effectively remove protein-based and other debris from the stylus without causing any harm to the stylus or cantilever, and without leaving any sort of film behind.” Comes with application brush.

audio intelligent

Audio Intelligent Enzymatic Record Cleaning Concentrate for Ultrasonic Machines ($35 for 16 oz)

This AIVS record cleaning concentrate is specifically made for ultrasonic machines due to its low-foam formula. We found just as effective, and far more affordable, than many of the existing cleaners available.

Audio Intelligent Record Cleaning

Audio Intelligent Record Cleaning Fluids (prices vary)

The various cleaners in this line-up address specific record cleaning needs, from deep enzyme cleaners to one-step fluids to ultra-pure water. AIVS fluids are the middle ground between oily solutions that could leave a residue and cleaners with surfactants that never seem to get deep down into the grooves. One of 2024’s best hi-fi accessories for keeping your LPs clean.

2024's best hi-fi

AudioQuest Super Conductive Anti-Static Record Brush ($29.95 USD)

A great dry record brush that boasts 1,248,000 super-conductive carbon fibers and does an excellent job with clearing off the fluff and fuzz while you’re listening to LPs. One of 2024’s best hi-fi accessories available for under $30.

ds audio

DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner ($80 USD)

Finally, a safe way to clean your stylus. The DS Audio ST-50’s cleaning pad sits at about the height of a 200-gram LP allowing you to place it on your platter and lower your tonearm–no risk of excessive force or accidentally bending your cantilever. When not in use, the ST-50 adds some bling to your turntable shelf. Our go-to stylus cleaner.

fern and roby brass record weight with technics

Fern and Roby Brass Record Weight ($135 USD)

Simple, effective, beautifully machined, not offered at a crazy audiophile price. Fantastic with the Technics SL-1200G.

hi-fi accessories

Fern and Roby/Part-Time Audiophile Bronze Record Weight ($250 USD)

We know what you’re thinking. We’ve actually started putting our own merch in the Buyers Guide. But the truth is, we’re exceptionally proud of the way the Bronze Record Weight turned out–thanks to Christopher Christopher Hildebrand of Fern and Roby. The 800g beast also serves as a 45rpm adapter on one side. But this record weight is so awesome that the editorial staff had to buy one for ourselves (no employee discount, either).

dr. kirmuss

Kirmuss Audio Ultra Sonic Cleaner ($970 USD)

When ultrasound record cleaning machines first hit the market a few years ago, audiophiles had to pay around $3,500 for an AudioDesk or KL machine. Thankfully, Kirmuss Audio has come up with a much more affordable solution. From Dr. Kirmuss himself: “When a record is restored by the Kirmuss system the record comes out virtually dry. No vacuum, air or rack drying. This as when processed both the record and water have the same electrical charge per the Tribelectric table of charges. The few remaining droplets left are wiped off using an opticians cloth.”

hi-fi accessories

Les Davis Audio 33 1/3 D Turntable Mat ($160 USD)

Made from Les Davis’ constrained layer damping material, this turntable mat is very effective at letting more of the music through thanks to its noise reduction properties. Two members of the PTA staff own and use this mat on their reference rigs. A Reviewers Choice award winner and one of  2024’s best hi-fi record mats.

levin record brushes

Levin Record Brushes (prices vary)

At first glance, the Levin record brushes seem like fancy-schmancy dry brushes for well-heeled audiophiles–they are fairly pricey, but they are beautiful and handmade. We also realized that this opulent yet very practical product is an ergonomic dream, and it sweeps the dust of your LPs with its soft soft bristles with the utmost of confidence. Your LPs deserve to be pampered.

2024's best hi-fi

Musical Surroundings Stasis Brush ($29.95 USD)

We all own half a dozen record brushes, but they all do the same thing, moving dirt from one side of the record to another. The Stasis brush is soft, yet firm enough to quickly help you remove junk from the surface your LPs in just a few rotations. One of the best hi-fi accessories that still actually fit into a stocking.


Nasotec Tweezers ($28 USD)

Not only do they extract and install phono clips from phono cartridge pins with the greatest of ease, these tweezers are also designed to crimp those fragile and recalcitrant clips before we all switch to SPUs. Indispensable for anyone who mounts a lot of cartridges.

2024's best hi-fi

Osage Audio Listener Select Record Cleaning Wet Brush ($40 USD)

Not all RCM cleaning brushes are made equally–the Listener Select has bristles that can prevent microbial growth passing from record to record. Comes in 7″, 10″ and 12″ sizes.

best hi-fi accessories

Pangea Record Doctor Clamp ($29.95 USD)

It’s not made from rare and exotic materials, but it does everything a record clamp should do–flatten the LP and couple it to the mat. It’s $30, which means it’s one of 2024’s best hi-fi accessories for vinyl newbies looking for the basics.


Soundsmith EZ Mount Screws ($39.95 USD)

This complete set of cartridge mounting screws features a large knurled top on each screw, allowing you to mount cartridges easily with two hands. Set includes nylon, stainless steel, aluminum and brass screws.

Equipment Racks and Stands

[Editor’s Note: Prices vary greatly according to size, features, options and finishes.]

best hi-fi accessories

Acora Acoustics SRS-G and SRG-M ($5,000 pr USD and $2,500 pr USD, respectively)

The Acora Acoustics SRS-G stands are made from solid granite (just like their granite speakers) and are quite possibly the King of the Mountain when it comes to speaker stands. We’ve even kept a pair aboard to evaluate other two-way loudspeakers. The SRS-M is a similar design, but made partially with metal. Picture above with gold footers, all models now feature black footers as standard.

fern and roby equipment rack

Fern & Roby (prices vary)

Christopher Hildebrand and his crew are a mixture of precision machinists and master carpenters, so these custom audio furniture products offer an exceptional degree of fit and finish. After years of reliable service and beauty, we still think this is one of 2024’s best hi-fi equipment stands.

best hi-fi accessories

HRS M3X AV Isolation Platform  (prices vary)

Our go-to platform for our most important components. HRS M3X platforms come in various sizes and allow you to swap the feet based on load applied to the platform.

ictra designs

Ictra Designs PROTO (starting at $29,995)

This is what a high end audio rack should be–built to the nth degree by German engineers instead of furniture makers. “This will be a very serious audiophile who has the kind of disposable income to showcase his or her valuable components on what is no doubt one of the the most technologically advanced and beautiful pieces of audio furniture ever developed,” we decided, giving Ictra the Reviewers Choice award.

2024’s Best Hi-Fi Accessories: Isolation Devices, Cable Lifters and Miscellaneous Products

best hi-fi accessories

Ansuz Darkz S2t Resonance Control ($800 USD each)

Undeniably expensive for a mere footer, but the Ansuz Darkz devices features rarer materials with lower inductance as you move up the line–which tops out at $4,000 each, and you need at least three of them. In addition, these devices have visited the University of Aalborg’s particle accelerator where they are bombarded with titanium, zirconium and more. A/B comparisons with and without Darkz should performed by every skeptic.

hi-fi accessories

AudioQuest Fog Lifters ($149.95 USD for set of 8)

These simple and elegant cable elevators reduce RF noise coupling from floors, carpets and anything with substantial mass by minimizing contact to the ground.


AudioQuest Q-Feet ($129.95 for set of 4)

Sorbothane footers are still quite effective at isolating components from external vibrations and air-borne energy. Perfect for lighter yet complex components such as CD players and DACs.

audioquest rca noise stoppers

AudioQuest RCA Noise-Stopper ($49.95 USD for set of 10)

Stick these caps over unused RCA jacks, and you can lower the wideband noise that can travel through the open jacks.

marc phillips system

Carbide Audio Carbide Bases (from $299 USD each)

These isolation devices are larger and heavier than usual–while they’re too big for very small components, they are ideal for placing under loudspeakers of all sizes and weights. The Carbide Bases can be optimized for the weight of the component through the use of colored viscoelastic rings–which can stand up to gear that weighs hundreds of pounds. Diamond version, which replaces the stainless steel bearings with ceramic ones, and adds a Diamond PVD coating to the ball bearing raceways, cost $599 each. A Reviewers Choice was awarded to the Carbide Bases, one of 2024’s Best Hi-Fi accessories.

fern and roby

Fern & Roby Isolation Feet ($425 USD for set of 4)

Made from a high-quality visco-elastic polymer, in addition to aluminum and cork, these beautifully machined isolation feet are ideal for turntables, but they will provide damping and isolation for all types of components–some people even use them for their speakers!

best hi-fi accessories

Furutech NCF Boosters ($215-$350 USD each)

They look like mere cable elevators, but Furutech’s NCF (Nano Crystal² Formula) contain a proprietary material, carefully tested, that offers two sonic benefits: “First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static,” the literature explains. “Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech combines this remarkable material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their addition ‘piezoelectric effect’ damping properties.” One of 2024’s best hi-fi accessories for simply lowering the noise floor of your system.

les davis audio

Les Davis Audio 3D² ($121.60 USD for set of 8)

These simple constrained layer damping footers are affordable, easy to install, and quite effective at lowering the noise floor when placed under sources, turntables and other components. Review forthcoming. When it comes to 2024’s best hi-fi accessories for the money, check out LDA.

2024's best hi-fi

Les Davis Audio Entropic Isolators ($88 each)

These constrained layer composite pads from Down Under offer additional isolation between components and racks–including turntables. A box of four Entropic Isolators costs $350.


Levar Resonance (prices vary)

These magnetic levitation footers were quite effective at squeezing just a little more detail from the Qln Signature speakers–yes, your speakers will be floating on air. Several models, designed to support specific weight ranges, are available.

isoacoustics zazen II

IsoAcoustics zaZen II isolation platform ($229 USD)

Perfectly sized for components such as CD players, DACs and turntables with small footprints, the zaZen II does an effective job at controlling external vibrations. The fact that is does so at such an affordable price is a gift for audiophiles with limited budgets.

rx reels

RX Reels ($139 to $255 USD each)

Made in the Pacific Northwest, these reels are made from the highest quality aviation-grade carbon fiber which helps them to not only look better, but perform better. “They don’t warp and resist bending. That means they won’t scratch your deck. Our flange cut-outs are made with a function first design to make tape threading easier. Because they are very rigid and don’t flex, they spin truer, which reduces motor wear, and some say that the reels sound better as a result.”

best hi-fi accessories

Wilson Audio Pedestals ($775 USD each, set of 3 for $2,225 USD)

Using proprietary materials from their impressive line of speakers, Wilson Audio has developed an isolation device for the ages. The Pedestals come in two versions, one that supports three to eight pounds per footer and the standard version that supports up to 25 pounds per foot. “The results were clear,” our reviewer concluded. “I am never removing the Wilson Pedestals.” An Editor’s Choice award winner.

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